“ We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value...” - Maya Angelou.

In weaving together strands of our individual past so often fragmented, disrupted and partially remembered, we form our collective narratives; those we choose to share and those we have had to leave behind.

Tapestries created a regional community based photographic archive of contemporary black and minority women's lives in the North East. All photographs were taken by women who were part of the BAM! Sistahood! Project. Using photographs and text as a way to explore difference through a lens of the representational ‘self’, rather than the represented ‘other’, Tapestries spins a creative web of recollected memories, where women do not need to be identified, named and seen to be heard. Textiles, cloth, thread, weft, colour and pattern connecting women universally as both producers and wearers of multitudes of difference, our lives beyond one singular cultural meaning, one single cut of cloth.

As a grassroots participant led project, Tapestries also reflects the process that the BAM! Sistahood! Project is currently undergoing in weaving together a collective digitised body of women’s heritage narratives, objects and ephemera. As the BAM! Sistahood! Project continued on a two year journey of recovering Black women’s neglected heritage in the region, the project also pieced together an untold and undocumented herstory, a vital missing piece of the North East of England’s heritage, of our collective past.

Tapestries Exhibition: Archive, Text, Objects Coming Soon...