The BAM! Sistahood! Project set up a number of community, academic, heritage and creative partnerships, bringing in a substantial amount of in-kind partnership support and resources to women across the region. This included working with regional  women’s organisations to develop hubs where women could receive training and support in different parts of the region (see About page). The project  secured a digital partnership with Newcastle University’s Culture Lab and the university’s School of Computing Science as well as additional support from Newcastle City Council Arts who supported an artist in residency on the project.

The digital and organisational processes the project developed engaged a wide range of women were innovative and created further learning, training and employment opportunities. The project accredited their digital heritage training and supported women to become mentors and heritage champions. This led to women being offered a number of paid and voluntary roles in the heritage and arts sector. 

Some of the women who participated and volunteered in the BAM! Sistahood! Project were multi-lingual black and minority women who had faced multiple challenges including domestic and sexual violence, disability, mental health issues as well as socio-economic disadvantages. The project was specifically designed and funded (by HLF) to support the additional needs of participants which included childcare, travel for women who have no recourse to funds and accreditation. For the majority of BAM! Sistahood! project participants, this was the first heritage project that they had been involved in and many said they were not be able to access universal heritage projects due to a lack of support for additional needs or a lack of cultural competence.

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