"We move because we want to, we move because we have to… to create and to forget, to change and to keep ourselves intact. Movement is a part of our lives as women...it has always been and will always be part of every community’s heritage and the heritage of the North East of England"


(BAM! Sistahood! Project Participant)

The wide engagement of black and minority women from over 31 ethnic and multiple social and economic backgrounds in the development of the project created an exciting and rich amount of artistic possibilities. This led to creative partnerships with textile artists, dancers and visual artists opening up new avenues for the greater dissemination of the project to non-traditional and traditional audiences alike. The Angelou Centre’s cultural expertise lending leverage and fostering sustainable relationships between the cultural and heritage organisations and BAMER women, who remain largely without voice or representation in the cultural arts and heritage sector.

One of the largest exhibitions the project organised was called 'Movement' and took place at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. The exhibition  dismantled migration mythologies that permeate and fuel a biased historically inaccurate representation of the North East’s ever increasing diversity. As the Discovery Museum’s Destination Tyneside exhibition demonstrated the North East’s populace and incredible array of skills, customs, traditions are in themselves the result of ongoing migration and the hard won struggles and labour of generations of black and minority women. Movement enhances and updates these forgotten narratives, focusing on the lives and contribution of BAMER women who are often excluded from local heritage narratives.

Movement Exhibition: Archive, Text, Objects Coming Soon...