Founders names and honours our foremothers and political change-makers. The women whose efforts at the forefront of social and community change have yet to be been remembered.  This has been one part of the emotional and political journeys many of the project participants have made personally or physically, including those who have crossed borders, countries and barriers as mothers, survivors, refugees and artists.  Mothering and caring itself can also be seen as a 'foundational' act that extends beyond a notion of the nuclear family and reflects the experiences of the project participants and the many women who live in extended and often trans-national families and communities.

The women we look to as founders created community, social and housing networks, opportunities for other women, centre's to train, meet, congregate and ensure black and minority women were safe. The BAM!Sistahood! Project tracked and documented the last thirty years of black led women's projesct in the North East (see our film below). The decimation of services for women and children who have experienced violence reflects a wider gap.  One quarter of specialist services and refuges for women of colour have been lost since 2012, and this number continues to decline. 67% of the remaining services say they face an uncertain future and have shortfalls in their funding. In 2016 the majority of these services had either recently lost or were receiving no local authority funding.

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