“Heritage is all about the features of history, culture, traditions and out life, which is passes on to the next generation. We keep heritage with us in one way or another, we transform it, but the real soul stays there.” –BAM! Sistahood! Project participant.

BAM! Sistahood! was a groundbreaking digital heritage project documenting 70 years of Black and Minority women's heritage in the North East of England developed by the Angelou Centre.  Led, researched and documented by Black and Minority women this grassroots project connected with thousands of people across the region through training, exhibitions and seminars. Funded by HLF and supported by regional heritage partners, Black and Minority women empowered themselves to become heritage activists and pioneers. 

the women who made herstory

our mothers journeys across land and sea

feminist pioneers who marked the way

the development of a grassroots revolution

Funders & Supporters

Our friends at Newcastle City Council Arts funded our Print Residency and supported one of our exhibitions

Where it all started over 24 years ago the connecting hub for our regional centres providing resources and expertise

TWAM and their Discovery Museum Outreach Officers supported our exhibitions  & heritage events 

HLF were the main project funders fully supporting the project every step of the way



"I learned and understood the true meaning of heritage by listening to and sharing stories. The BAM! Sistahood! project empowered me, and through heritage activities and trips also gave me the confidence to explore more about local heritage in the North East of England."

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