BAM! Sistahood! are getting ready for Black History Month in October 2016 to showcase our project activities with exhibitions, community events, panel discussions and more. Info to follow soon!

We are currently interviewing women from around the North East for the archive and website.For contributions to the archive please contact:



Welcome to the BAM! Sistahood! Project Website! We’d like to invite you to read on and find out more about the Angelou Centre’s wonderful regional heritage project exploring the last 70 years and contemporary Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) Women’s Heritage in the North East of England.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund HLF) and working in partnership with Newcastle University’s School of Computing Science and Culture Lab with further support from Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums (TWAM) the BAM! Sistahood! Project is a digital heritage project led by BAMER women, for BAMER women and the rest of the world! The project aims to recover, explore, document and share BAMER women’s heritage and herstory in the North East of England, a so far untold and undocumented story. So if you want to know more about the BAM! Sistahood! Project, get involved, explore the archive media, volunteer or find out about community events via Twitter or Facebook.

In the meantime download our app and share your own experiences of cultural venues and events.

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